Team Mathimist is committed to supporting young minds and budding professionals to accomplish their personal and career goals faster and easier than ever before. We are a team of enthusiastic academicians, technocrats, and certified professionals who are passionate about Training Math, life skills, budding Technologies, etc. through cutting-edge ideas.

We four Likeminded PSG Tech Alumnae came together and developed the Mathimist platform to enlighten and enrich society by fulfilling over a million dreams.

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Poorani Natarajan

I have completed M.Sc. Applied Mathematics from PSG college of Technology and working in an reputed software MNC  for 8 years. Expertise in Selenium Automation Testing, Cloud Testing etc., and also into recruitment process. I always have a strong desire towards teaching and exploring new things to keep myself engaged and also excited to share the knowledge with others.

Ramya Karthikeyan

I have done my M.Sc Applied Maths from PSG College of Technology. Then completed my B.Ed and joined international public school. Currently working as a Math facilitator and also fun Math workshop leader, Manifestation Trainer. I love teaching to the core in a understandable way.

Lavanya Veluswamy

I have done my MCA and worked as a software developer from a reputed MNC. Currently working as a freelancer. I have a passion for teaching and developing unique websites.


Srinithi S

I completed my Masters in applied mathematics from PSG College of Technology. I got an IT job offer after my graduation, which I resist taking due to the workshop I attended in IIT on deep mathematics concepts. I noticed that my enthusiasm for teaching and mathematics was increasing tremendously. I served as an Assistant Professor in the renowned college for almost 8 years. I have taken a break for my son at the present, but I have never left my teaching career for granted. I am still taking online mathematics classes to keep my passion alive.



Mission and Vision

Our goal is to become best online learning platform for Math Tech by providing easy and innovating courses to make people life easier and rich.

To bring inspiration and positive impact on new era of online learning.

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