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Career Preparation

We offer personalized services like Job preparation, Interview common question, Screening interview, Mock interview, Grooming tips, job portals update to get more interview calls, and complete getting ready to career guide.

Build your own website

We Provide a valuable course like how you can build your website from scratch using WordPress.

Interview Process

Our main objective is a Job for indeed. We provide question asked in interviews with answers. The preparation interview is a big challenge and we are here to help you regarding that.

Get a life coach to change your life

Our coaches work with you to help you find yourself, achieve your life dreams, teach you how to come out of negative thoughts through the law of attraction practice and way of living.

Upgrade your skills from industry experts

New technology and website development courses and more for your career growth and also for business growth. We help you put your learning into practice.

Fun Math Courses

We offer online courses for students on Math concepts which gives them better understanding and good knowledge on math topics without memorizing any formulas/logic.



Team Mathimist is committed to supporting young minds and budding professionals to accomplish their personal and career goals faster and easier than ever before.

We are a team of ambitious academicians, technocrats, and certified professionals who are passionate about giving online courses, webinars, and workshops on Montessori Math Topics, budding Technologies, Law of Attraction Practice, and Way of Living Program, etc. through innovative ideas.

We four Likeminded PSG Tech Alumnae came together and developed the Mathimist platform to enlighten and enrich society by fulfilling over a million dreams.


Why Mathimist?

One Platform to learn science technology engineering and mathematics. We help you turn your thoughts into Money by building a stunning website for free.

Our teaching approach is unique which makes you feel the real taste of math and technology. We also offer a life guide to unleash your inner power by way of living and the law of attraction to discover your dreams. Also We give step by step instructions to build a profitable website. We work along with you and life time support to achieve your goal

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